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Electronics Magazines

As the ultimate magazine for practical advice on do-it-yourself projects, Popular Mechanics also provides insight on products, technology, and modern trends in industries ranging from automotive to robotics.
Video making can be an engaging hobby or a lucrative career. Whatever your video creation goals, Videomaker magazine is an expert guide.
Professionals in the audio industry will be into Mix magazine, a publication that follows the latest gear, technology, and news regarding audio.
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Tinkerers, inventors, and other electronics enthusiasts will love Nuts & Volts magazine, the prominent publication for DIY electronics.
Covering numerous topics related to amateur and professional robotics, Robot is a magazine that uses detailed guides and photos to inspire the robot-lover in all of us.
If you know someone who enjoys building and experimenting with robots, then SERVO magazine is the ideal source. They provide tutorials, guides, and products that are highly useful to hobbyists.