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Electronics Magazines

8 Electronics Magazines from the US and the UK

Electronics Magazines

Electronic House Electronic House

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8 issues per year

Your guide to the latest in home electronics! From home theater systems, HDTV and audio through energy management, security and structured wiring, each issue tours real houses and shows how to make any home a high tech haven. Complete with home plans, system designs, pricing, and more.
Mix Mix

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12 issues per year

Mix magazine covers the entire spectrum of professional recording and sound production technology industry. Find a wide variety of topics in each issue of Mix magazine including broadcast production, music technology and audio for film and video.
Nuts & Volts Nuts & Volts

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12 issues per year

Nuts & Volts is written for the hands-on hobbyist, design engineer, technician and experimenter. It includes topics such as robotics, circuit design, lasers, computer control, home automation, microcontrollers, new technology, DIY projects and more.
Popular Mechanics Popular Mechanics

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10 issues per year

Popular Mechanics magazine features do-it-yourself instructions on automotive, electronics, woodworking and home improvement projects. Also find practical advice and product reviews in Popular Mechanics magazine.
Robot Robot

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6 issues per year

Robot offers a complete mix of entry-level through advanced kit reviews, projects, hacks, and how-to's for the robotics hobbyist along with breaking robot news from around the world. Robot magazine also features coverage of robotics competitions and educational projects.
SC Magazine SC Magazine

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12 issues per year

The leading source of IT security strategies, best practices, government regulations and current infosecurity tools delivered through timely news, cutting-edge features and an extensive collection of product reviews in one incomparable publication.

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SERVO Magazine is published for the next generation of robotic experimenters. Each issue contains feature articles, interviews, tutorials, projects and sources for parts. It is edited for anyone interested in building or learning about robots.
Videomaker Videomaker

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12 issues per year

Videomaker magazine covers video editing and production for all skill levels of enthusiasts. Each issue of Videomaker magazine covers video production techniques from planning, shooting, editing to distribution.