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Hairstyle Magazines

7 Hairstyle Magazines from the US and the UK

Hairstyle Magazines

Blackhair Blackhair

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6 issues per year

Blackhair is a vital source of information for the style-conscious black women of today. Editorially, the magazine focuses on hair and beauty issues and features hundreds of inspirational hairstyle ideas to keep our readers looking and feeling fabulous, including looks for natural hair and haircare advise from the top names in Afro hairstyling.
Hair Hair

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12 issues per year

HAIR magazine, the magazine for women who love their hair. Every issue has 130 pages packed with ideas, tips and factual information for keeping you and your mane looking and feeling fantastic. Reader makeovers, catwalk trends, hair how-to features and hair products on trial.
Hairstyles Only Hairstyles Only

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8 issues per year

The ultimate lookbook for finding the perfect cut and colour, Hairstyles Only is packed with hundreds of sexy style solutions, from flirty fringes and luscious layers, to cutting edge crops and mid-length manes
HOT Magazine HOT Magazine

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6 issues per year

HOT Magazine, by Hair's How, is written for salon professionals and new stylists beginning their careers. Each issue of HOT magazine aims to educate, excite and inform.
Hype Hair Hype Hair

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9 issues per year

Hype Hair magazine is a hair care and beauty magazine for African-American women. Don't miss the most creative, up-to-date hairstyles, makeup tips, fashions and exclusive celebrity style tips in each issue of Hype Hair magazine.
Perfect Hair Perfect Hair

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6 issues per year

Perfect Hair magazine is split up into separate sections, which are each devoted to a different hair length, colour or texture, such as afro hair, curly hair, long hair and even catwalk hair for those of you who want their hair to be bang on trend. Perfect Hair magazine have realised a really important thing about beauty magazines; the simplest layouts are always the best.
Sheer Sheer

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2 issues per year

SHEER is an independent magazine based in London and will appeal to both female and male readers. The aim is to be a platform to showcase up and coming talent in the form of high-end, high fashion publication and these will be from such areas as Fashion, Photography, Illustration, Art, Music, Film and much more.