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Home Improvement Magazines

Subscribe to Better Homes & Gardens
12 issues per year
This action-oriented publication covers various actions and challenges associated with home improvement and gardening. Expect detailed tips on subjects ranging from interior decorating to healthy cooking.
Subscribe to This Old House
10 issues per year
Whether you are repairing or remodeling This Old House shares the best ideas and techniques from top craftsmen and design specialists.
Subscribe to Family Handyman
11 issues per year
The ability to do your own home improvements can save massive amounts of money, and Family Handyman is the magazine committed to helping you with your home projects.
Subscribe to Fine Homebuilding
8 issues per year
Fine Home Building leads you from design, to building, to remodelling every room in the house. From the right tools to the right materials, learn to build the finer home.
Subscribe to Homebuilding & Renovating
12 issues per year
Focusing on all-skill levels of renovation and building, Homebuilding & Renovating is a publication notable for DIY Beginner Guides, and other expert advice.
Subscribe to Extreme How-To Magazine
9 issues per year
For handymen that are able to tackle advanced projects, Extreme Handyman is the definitive source for tips, news, and trends.
Subscribe to Old House Journal
6 issues per year
Purchasing and fixing old houses is a popular industry, and Old House Journal is a prominent source offering tips, news, and other info.
Subscribe to Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival
5 issues per year
For decorating and furnishing a home, Arts & Crafts Homes and the Revival provides useful tips and info.
Subscribe to Do-it-Yourself
4 issues per year
For the type of people who take on projects themselves, Do-it-Yourself is a magazine that offers tips, projects, and stories of others who do home improvements themselves.
Subscribe to SelfBuild and Design
12 issues per year
Those who like to build and fix their own houses will gain a lot of value from SelfBuild and Design, a magazine with tutorials, photos, and more.
Subscribe to The Selfbuilder
10 issues per year
If you're an architect, contractor, or just like renovating your own homes, The Selfbuilder is a magazine filled with creative and practical ideas that are sure to help.

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