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5 Jewish Magazines from the US and the UK

Jewish Magazines

Jerusalem Post IVRIT Jerusalem Post IVRIT

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Jerusalem Post IVRIT is an easy-Hebrew monthly for the whole family. Each issue of Jerusalem Post IVRIT contains articles on three levels - easy, intermediate and difficult with dictionaries on each page, plus topics such as Israeli culture, holiday meanings, Israeli songs, activities and more.
Jerusalem Report Jerusalem Report

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Offers original journalism from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world. The Report aims to bridge the gaps between Israel and the Diaspora, and honestly assess Israel's relations with its Arab neighbors. We look beyond the headlines, providing award winning reporting, analysis and commentary.
Jewish Woman Magazine Jewish Woman Magazine

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Jewish Woman magazine is a celebration of Jewish women and the values that shape their personal and professional lives. Each issue celebrates their lives and accomplishments, expands their minds, explores spirituality, and helps readers live their Jewish values. It inspires women to live richly!

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REFORM is a fresh and challenging monthly magazine exploring theology, ethics, personal spirituality and Christian perspectives on social and current affairs.
The Jerusalem Post - Dash The Jerusalem Post - Dash

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The Israeli magazine for English speaking young people around the world. Read about fashion, food and fads. Meet young Israelis in high school and in the army. Find out about music, sports, culture, science and technology that originate in Israel. Discover places to visit and programs to join.