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10 issues per year
Priding itself on covering the latest strategies and trends in business, Fast Company cultivates a fresh minded approach to entrepreneurship.
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Harvard Business Review is a respected American publication that covers all relevant information in business.
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MIT Technology Review delivers tech news and trends from one of the most respected names in technology, MIT.
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5 issues per year
Highly useful for HR professionals and managers, DiversityInc magazine discusses the latest trends in diversity.
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12 issues per year
Featuring expert advice pertaining to banking in America, U.S. Banker is an authoritative source that features executives and other experts who are in the know.
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12 issues per year
For executive-level business professionals in the U.K., Director is a valuable magazine that discusses the best-practices, business news, and topics that are important to managers.
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25 issues per year
Decision makers who are in positions to build communities, lead major real estate projects, and other leadership endeavors will love Planning, a magazines with valuable info on leadership.
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6 issues per year
The quintessential source for articles, news, and other topics related to leadership in a non-profit setting, Nonprofit World will help you navigate the highly-challenging world of managing non-profit organizations.
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4 issues per year
If leadership is of interest to you, then Leader to Leader is the ideal publication, with profiles of executives, leadership strategies, and much more.
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12 issues per year
Every major company has HR professionals, and People Management is the magazine for them, featuring advise, news, and other topics.
Subscribe to Nonprofit Management and Leadership
4 issues per year
Focusing on leadership within non-profit organizations, Nonprofit Management and Leaders discusses the challenges and advice involved with managing non-profits across various industries.

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