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Management Magazines

16 Management Magazines from the US and the UK

Management Magazines

Board Leadership Board Leadership

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This newsletter offers advice from one of America's most innovative board consultants. John Carver's approach to governance has radically improved the way many boards conduct business and improving governance means improving the entire organization.
Corporate Board Member Corporate Board Member

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4 issues per year

Corporate Board Member magazine is written for corporate executives and directors. Each issue of Corporate Board Member magazine covers topics like governance issues, director liability, strategic growth options and more.
Director Director

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Director is an essential magazine for any entrepreneur or senior decision-maker. Director is the UKs leading monthly management magazine.
DiversityInc DiversityInc

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5 issues per year

DiversityInc is the leading source of information on diversity management.
Fast Company Fast Company

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10 issues per year

Fast company magazine is the how-to magazine that keeps managers abreast of emerging business trends and ideas. Fast Company magazine sets the idea agenda for the future of business.
Global Business and Organizational Excellence Global Business and Organizational Excellence

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6 issues per year

Global Business Organizational Excellence provides information that organizations around the world use to excel along with the implications of this information for an international business environment.
Journal of Leadership Studies Journal of Leadership Studies

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4 issues per year

Incorporates contributions from business, non-profit organizations, government entities, education and health care with emphasis on leadership theory and practice spanning boundaries to promote discussions on human activity and interrelations.
Leader to Leader Leader to Leader

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4 issues per year

Leader to Leader magazine is an award-winning quarterly on management, leadership and strategy. Each issue of Leader to Leader magazine features world class executives, best-selling management authors, top consultants and social thinkers.
Leadership Briefing Leadership Briefing

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12 issues per year

Leadership Briefing provides you with essential summaries, in-depth reports and all that is new and relevent to education.
Management Today Management Today

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11 issues per year

Management Today includes all the best and brightest new companies, personalities and management techniques. It is packed with real-world advice and insight from industry experts. MT gives business leaders the inspiration they need to get to the top and stay there.
Nonprofit Management and Leadership Nonprofit Management and Leadership

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4 issues per year

Offers authoritative insights of top executives and scholars on the common concerns of nonprofit leaders in all settings, including social services, the arts, education, foundations, community development, advocary work, religion and others.
Nonprofit World Nonprofit World

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6 issues per year

For over 20 years, the only comprehensive leadership, management, and governance focused magazine in the nonprofit sector.
People Management People Management

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12 issues per year

People Management is the official magazine of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) providing the most comprehensive source of information available to human resources and training professionals.
Planning Planning

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25 issues per year

Planning is the only fortnightly magazine for professionals concerned with economic development, communities, energy and environment, regeneration and housing
Project Management Journal Project Management Journal

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4 issues per year

Project Management Journal is the academic and research quarterly of the Project Management Institute. Each issue of Project Management Journal addresses a broad range of interests, theories, research and applications in project management.
U.S. Banker U.S. Banker

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U.S. Banker, the leading business management magazine, tackles all issues relevant to banks and their competitive standing in the financial services marketplace. Every month, top-ranking executives at banks and financial institutions across the country rely on it.