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Military Magazines

Retiring from duty with the Armed Forces doesn't mean you have to be unemployed. G.I. Jobs will help you find a job as a civilian that matches your skills you obtained in the Forces, and desires you have for your future.
If your spouse is a member of the military then you just inherited a much larger family than you may realize. Whether your spouse is serving at home or abroad Military Spouse Magazine will keep you in touch, with support and advice, with all the other military spouses across America.
Stay in the loop with what your Air Force is up to with Air Forces Monthly. Covering the latest news and events, at home and abroad, you won't miss a moment with Air Forces Monthly.
Raider is a magazine for guys seeking the adrenaline rush, outdoor excitement, tactical techniques, and top fitness.
American history buffs will enjoy the in-depth stories that still live on in Americas Civil War.
Civil War Times offers in-depth articles about this important time in American history, including biographies, eye witness accounts and period photographs.
MHQ Magazine delivers the stories, tactical information, and biographies on important figures from military history around the world. This is a quarterly review of ancient battles to modern warfare.
Military History Magazine is devoted to studying the history of warfare, including infantry and foot soldier tactics, to naval and air tactics.

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