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13 Military Magazines from the US and the UK

Military Magazines

AirForces Monthly AirForces Monthly

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12 issues per year

Published monthly, AirForces Monthly is devoted entirely to modern military aircraft and their air arms. It has built up a formidable reputation worldwide by reporting from places not generally covered by other military magazines. Its world news is the best around, covering all aspects of military aviation, region by region; offering features on the strengths of the world's air forces, their conflicts, weaponry and exercises. AirForces Monthly presents an unrivalled combination of news and reporting, aided by the best network of freelance reporters anywhere in the world.
America's Civil War America's Civil War

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6 issues per year

Provides history enthusiasts with comprehensive and authoritative insights and analysis of the American Civil War, with a strong emphasis on the military aspects of the war, its battles, strategies, leaders, and little-known facts and facets.
Armchair General Armchair General

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6 issues per year

ARMCHAIR GENERAL Magazine lets you experience military history and strategy with a unique interactive approach. We bring combat to life by positioning you, the reader at the core of history's momentous battles - on land, at sea and in the air.
Civil War Times Civil War Times

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6 issues per year

Civil War Times magazine delivers the complete story of America's greatest internal conflict. Each issue of Civil War Times magazine includes biographies, battles, period photos and more.
GI Jobs GI Jobs

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12 issues per year

Whether you are leaving the military soon or have already separated from the service, GI Jobs magazine is the transition guide that gives you lists of companies looking for your skills! In addition, GI Jobs' expert columnists keep you informed every month on how to make a successful transition.
MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History

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4 issues per year

This is an award-winning, exquisitely illustrated journal that takes readers on an exciting journey through world history from a military perspective- from the origins of armed conflict up to the present day. Distinguished authors bring the world of war to the forefront.
Military Heritage Military Heritage

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6 issues per year

This magazine is unparalleled among its peers, with exquisite art from the imperial war museum in London, The National Archives, and the Australian War Memorial among others. It offers only the most thoughtfully written, well researched articles by the top historians in the field.
Military History Military History

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Military History magazine provides authoritative in-depth articles on the history of warfare from ancient times to the 20th century. Military History magazine is written for serious students of military tactics, strategy, leaders and campaigns.
Military Machines International Military Machines International

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12 issues per year

Military Machines International magazine caters for everyone, from those wanting to invest in this absorbing hobby seeking information on which vehicles are available, to those who already have their own Private Army. Inside you will find everything from Jeeps and Land Rovers to Tanks, Armoured Cars and Artillery.
Military Spouse Military Spouse

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12 issues per year

Military Spouse magazine is the only national magazine that is by, for, and about U.S. Military Spouses. Military Spouse magazine incorporates all aspects of life in the military.
Raider Magazine Raider Magazine

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12 issues per year

Launched in April 2008, Raider has rapidly become the magazine of choice for elite forces and special operations. Each issue will uncover the units, the gear and the stories with high-quality, expert content.
Special Weapons for Military & Police Special Weapons for Military & Police

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6 issues per year

Special Weapons for Military & Police magazine is a bi-monthly periodical that features articles about both the exotic and the ordinary weapons of military and police. Recent issues have profiled stateside American law enforcement and military.
Tactical Weapons Tactical Weapons

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6 issues per year

Tactical Weapons is the exciting bi-monthly publication that is much more than a gun-test driven magazine. Each issue covers the new guns and weapons of our military and law enforcement specialists and at the same time provides profiles and tactics of the men and women who use the weapons.

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