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Performing Arts Magazines

Subscribe to The Stage
52 issues per year
Covering all thing having to do with the UK performing arts industry, The Stage features reviews, articles, info on auditions, and other useful topics.
Subscribe to Dance Spirit
10 issues per year
Focusing on the entire dance lifestyle, Dance Spirit features articles on fashion, Hip Hop, successful dancers, and numerous other topics.
Subscribe to Dance Magazine
12 issues per year
Dance Magazine caters to all-types of dancers and dance enthusiasts, and includes high-quality photography, articles, and news on various dance trends.
Subscribe to Pointe Magazine
6 issues per year
Anyone who is into ballet will appreciate Pointe Magazine, a magazine dedicated to the people, skills, and events that make ballet a passion for many around the world.
Subscribe to Dance Teacher
12 issues per year
Written specifically for dance instructors, Dance Teacher provides the tutorials, news, and industry trends that matter to dance teachers.
Subscribe to Inside Dance

For anyone with an interest in modern dance and the associate celebrities that make it popular, Inside Dance is the ideal publication with guides, photos, and profiles of your favorite dancers.
Subscribe to Dance Europe (Air)

Covering the performing art of dance for a European audience, Dance Europe (Air) offers info on the people, events, and auditions that make dancing popular.
Subscribe to Danza Europa

A European dance magazine written in Spanish, Danza Europa offers beautiful photos of your favorite dancers, in addition to guides, news, and more.

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