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The Atlantic is a magazine that features high-quality news articles on a wide variety of relevant international topics.
The New Yorker is a culturally aware magazine that dates as far back as 1912. Famous for their cartoons and covers, The New Yorker features commentary on a wide variety of news topics.
In addition to economics and business, The Economist also delves into the world economy, providing specific information on the various economies from countries throughout the world.
Winner of multiple prominent rewards for top independent news publication, Mother Jones is a respected news source for topics that include human rights, culture, and politics, among others.
A conservative-leaning magazine that covers a variety of topics, National Review discusses news that matters to its conservative client-base, including economics, culture, and other domestic and global issues.
The International Jerusalem Post is the definitive publication for the Jewish community. Covering issues that affect Israel, including their rocky relations with neighboring countries and other news, this is the expert source for news regarding Israel.
A weekly summary of various categories of news events, THE WEEK provides an overview of news stories regarding everything from international politics and current affairs, to gossip and politics.
For highly-relevant topics concerning international relations, Foreign Policy is a magazine that employs the best writers and journalists to discuss important issues that matter to the entire world.
With a strong focus on news and politics, The Weekly Standard provides news coverage from renowned writers on a weekly basis.
Reason is a Libertarian publication that steers away from typical Washington politics in favor of a logical approach to various subjects. These include in-depth discussions of culture and politics told through articles and other written pieces.

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