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Quilting Magazines

12 Quilting Magazines from the US and the UK

Quilting Magazines

American Patchwork & Quilting American Patchwork & Quilting

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6 issues per year

American Patchwork & Quilting magazine is filled with inspiring quilting help. Each issue of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine includes full-size, pull-out patterns, easy-to-follow instructions and time-saving techniques.
British Patchwork and Quilting British Patchwork and Quilting

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12 issues per year

British Patchwork and Quilting Magazine is a monthly publication written by quilters, for quilters, with projects and features specifically to do with patchwork, quilting, applique and textiles
Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting

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6 issues per year

Love of Quilting magazine shares what's new and hot in quilting. A wide range of projects are featured and each comes with complete instructions, color diagrams, full-size patterns and photos of the completed project. Love of Quilting is the foremost magazine that no quilter should be without.
McCall's Quilting McCall's Quilting

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6 issues per year

McCall's Quilting magazine is written for quilters of all skill levels. Each issue of McCall's Quilting magazine features beautiful quilting projects with detailed instructions using the latest techniques.
Popular Patchwork Popular Patchwork

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13 issues per year

Popular Patchwork magazine covers a variety of projects for all skills levels from well known designers (at least six in every issue!), kids corner, reviews of quilts shows (both large and small!) ; interviews with celebrity and grass roots quilters, articles on design as well as historical and international features.
Quick Quilts Quick Quilts

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6 issues per year

Quick Quilts magazine, brought to you by McCall's, is filled with time-saving secrets and easy to follow instructions that help you create beautiful quilts in no time at all.
Quilt Trends Quilt Trends

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4 issues per year

Quilt Trends magazine is devoted to showcasing the newest fabrics available for quilting, decorating and accessorizing. Each issue of Quilt Trends magazine delivers fifteen to twenty projects by top designers, exciting articles, a multi-page fabric showcase and quilt gallery.
Quilter's Newsletter Magazine Quilter's Newsletter Magazine

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6 issues per year

Quilter's Newsletter magazine is a complete resource for the avid quilter. Find time-saving design and technique tips, new and old patterns, photos, trends, museum quilts and quilting events in each issue of Quilter's Newsletter magazine.
Quilter's World Quilter's World

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6 issues per year

Quilter's World magazine brings you the very best of traditional and contemporary quilting with complete, full-size quilt patterns, informative articles about quilts and quilt designers, helpful tips & techniques, detailed reviews, and everything else you need to enjoy quilting to the max!
Quilting Arts Quilting Arts

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6 issues per year

Quilting Arts magazine is written for contemporary art quilters. Each issue of Quilting Arts magazine features detailed photos and step-by-step instructions for unique projects, tips and the latest techniques and trends.
Quiltmaker Quiltmaker

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6 issues per year

How-to quilt magazine targeted for the beginning and intermediate quilter.
The Quilter Magazine The Quilter Magazine

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7 issues per year

The Quilting magazine is a teaching magazine for creative quilters. Each issue of The Quilter magazine features a wide variety of traditional and contemporary patterns and projects ranging from small and easy to full-size and challenging.