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Subscribe to American Patchwork & Quilting
6 issues per year
This wonderful magazine shares how-to videos, plus offers patterns for a variety of quilting projects.
Subscribe to McCall's Quilting
6 issues per year
a great resource for patterns, instructions, online classes and more. Quilting couldn't be made any easier.
Subscribe to Quick Quilts
6 issues per year
With shortcuts, tutorials, tips, articles, and other useful information about quilting, Quick Quilts is a reliable source of quilting info.
Subscribe to Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting
6 issues per year
A must-have for quilters, Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting serves as a passionate, artsy, and detailed guide to quilting.
Subscribe to Quiltmaker
6 issues per year
If you know someone who's a beginning quilt maker or is curious about becoming one, then Quiltmaker magazine is the perfect publication, serving as a starter guide to the art of making quilts.
Subscribe to Quilter's Newsletter Magazine
6 issues per year
The Quilters Newsletter offers patterns, books and even video tutorials to help you complete that next quilting project.
Subscribe to Quilter's World
6 issues per year
Get lost in the world of quilting with new pattern ideas, and join web based guilds and clubs through Quilters World.
Subscribe to Quilting Arts
6 issues per year
Learn how to make some amazing projects and designs for the home with Quilting Arts Magazine.
Subscribe to Popular Patchwork
13 issues per year
Get patch work quilting tips and ideas, plus share your ideas in the online quilters forums with Popular Patchwork.
Subscribe to British Patchwork and Quilting
12 issues per year
British Patchwork & Quilting is a monthly UK based magazine written by quilters highlighting patchwork, appliqu?, and textile ideas and inspirations.

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