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Retirement Magazines

8 Retirement Magazines from the US and the UK

Retirement Magazines

Caring Times Caring Times

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11 issues per year

Published in the UK since 1988, Caring Times reflects the opinions of the social care sector, focusing on news affecting the private, public and not-for-profit provider's of nursing and residential care. Caring Times contains news, analysis, business and financial pages, property market information, expert professional advice, people and quality care company profiles, reviews of government policy, general features and much, much more!
International Living International Living

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International Living magazine provides information about global travel, living, retiring, investing and real estate. International Living magazine shows you how to live better for less when you expand your world beyond your own shores.
Kiplinger's Retirement Report Kiplinger's Retirement Report

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Information & guidance you can use to plan smarter, live better & richer in retirement.
Life Extension Life Extension

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Life Extension is your ultimate source for new health and medical findings and features regular "insider" reports on pioneering research, disease prevention, and anti-aging medicine.
Saga Magazine Saga Magazine

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12 issues per year

Saga magazine is perfect for people aged over 50 as it knows you're reaching a different stage in your life and gives readers expert advice and guidance on managing their money and making the most out of their pension, offers suggestions on insurance of all kinds as well as featuring celebrity interviews, juicy literary extracts, fascinating analysis on the way we live our lives and useful articles on health, travel, gardening, money, technology and just about everything else you want to know.
Travel 50 & Beyond Travel 50 & Beyond

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Travel 50 & Beyond magazine is written for readers ages 50 or older. Each issue of Travel 50 & Beyond magazine features practical tips, vacation ideas and discounts for finding the best travel values for primarily North American destinations.
Vetrepreneur Vetrepreneur

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9 issues per year

Vetrepreneur is the authority in leading and reporting on the veteran business movement. Vetrepreneur has been home to the supplier diversity outreach message of hundreds of companies.
Where To Retire Where To Retire

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6 issues per year

Where to Retire magazine is America's foremost authority on retirement relocation. Where to Retire magazine is filled the best information to find the ideal place to retire, such as climates, state and local taxes, cost of living, housing costs, health care, crime and much more.