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Soap Opera Magazines

4 Soap Opera Magazines from the US and the UK

Soap Opera Magazines

ABC Soaps In Depth ABC Soaps In Depth

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26 issues per year

ABC Soaps in Depth magazine provides readers with in-depth coverage of only ABC soaps. Find the latest news, star interviews and gossip in each issue of ABC Soaps in Depth magazine.
CBS Soaps In Depth CBS Soaps In Depth

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26 issues per year

In-depth coverage of only the CBS soaps.
Soap Opera Digest Soap Opera Digest

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52 issues per year

Soap Opera Digest magazine features behind-the-camera happenings, late breaking news and exclusive interviews on your favorite soap stars. Find episode summaries, star profiles, scoops and gossip in each issue of Soap Opera Digest magazine.
TV Y Novelas TV Y Novelas

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12 issues per year

TV Y Novelas magazine is your exclusive ticket to the most fascinating Hispanic entertainers. TV Y Novelas magazine is the go-to source for any information regarding the most beloved stars in the Spanish-speaking Americas. Not available for delivery to Puerto Rico.
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