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Farming Magazines

29 Farming Magazines from the US and the UK

Farming Magazines

African Farming and Food Processing African Farming and Food Processing

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6 issues per year

A leading magazine for agricultural and primary food processing industries. It contains news articles on the development and technical aspects of new agricultural materials, equipment and systems. Editorial also included articles on crops, livestock, weed and pest control, irrigation, agricultural equipment and primary food processing techniques and coverage of special events, as well as the annual suppliers directory and poultry review.
Classic Plant & Machinery Classic Plant & Machinery

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6 issues per year

Classic Plant & Machinery magazine is the biggest selling classic plant and machinery magazine in the world. Every issue of Classic Plant & Machinery magazine features dumptrucks, excavators, loading shovels, forklifts, mining machinery, backhoe loaders - whether you love Caterpillar, JCB, Ruston-Bucyrus or International, you will find it in this magazine
Country Country

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7 issues per year

Country magazine celebrates the people, places and stories that make country life so special. Discover America through first-hand reader visits with country folks, full-color photos, reviews of country inns, country-fresh recipes and time-saving tips and shortcuts in every issue of Country magazine.
Country Smallholding Country Smallholding

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13 issues per year

Country Smallholding is Britains biggest-selling magazine for smallholders and is all about self-sufficiency. It has a strong focus on livestock, with regular features on sheep, pigs, goats, alpacas and bees. Country Smallholding also includes advice on growing crops and vegetables, home produced food, machinery and equipment and renewable energy.
CowManagement CowManagement

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8 issues per year

CowManagement magazine is must-have for all progressive UK dairy producers. Published eight times a year, CowManagement magazine covers all aspects of dairy herd management with comprehensive coverage of the latest technological developments.
Far Eastern Agriculture Far Eastern Agriculture

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52 issues per year

Far Eastern Agriculture is the only broad based agricultural magazine covering the entire region by reviewing the changing patterns in farming throughout South East Asia. Machinery and equipment, grain and crops, irrigation, agri-chemicals, livestock breeding and processing are all featured in depth, with regular coverage of news and events in each product area.
Farm & Ranch Living Farm & Ranch Living

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7 issues per year

Farm & Ranch Living magazine shares the pleasure of life on the farm with reader-written features and 100+ full-color photos. Enjoy first hand accounts with month-long diaries, vintage snapshots and old farming tales in each issue of Farm & Ranch Living magazine.
Farm Equipment Catalog Farm Equipment Catalog

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1 issues per year

Provides today's farm operators with a comprehensive guide to farm machinery, grain handling and livestock products.
Farm Show Farm Show

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7 issues per year

Farm Show magazine is a "what's new" publication for rural people focusing on made-it-myself inventions and ideas.
Fish Farmer Fish Farmer

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6 issues per year

Fish Farmer is the UK's leading aquaculture magazine - bringing all the latest international industry research and news to readers. Published bi-monthly, this highly-regarded magazine has been serving the aquaculture industry for 30 years and enjoys a worldwide distribution.
Ford and Fordson Tractors Ford and Fordson Tractors

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6 issues per year

Ford & Fordson Tractors is a club devoted to lovers of the most popular tractor in Britain and Ireland and many other parts of the world.
Hobby Farm Home Hobby Farm Home

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6 issues per year

Hobby Farm Home celebrates traditional farm life with modern flair. Articles include cooking with home-grown product and farm-raised meat, the decor of the farmhouse, reviving farm traditions, and the handmade creation of objects - bringing the farm indoors.
Holstein World Holstein World

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12 issues per year

The magazine for all who breed, market and manage Registered Holstein dairy cattle. Every month there are features on bloodlines and genetics, reports from auctions and shows, and news from breeder Associations. Since 1904, preferred by Holstein enthusiasts everywhere.
Horticulture Week Horticulture Week

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25 issues per year

Horticulture Week is the leading fortnightly magazine for professionals working in all areas of horticulture. It covers every sector of the industry with key developments in both edible and ornamental growing, retail, arboriculture, grounds maintenance, landscaping and much, much more.
No-Till Farmer No-Till Farmer

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12 issues per year

No-Till Farmer magazine is a complete resource on conservation tillage and reduced tillage techniques and materials. No-Till Farmer magazine features expert advice on maximizing yields and profits, efficiently using fertilizer and herbicides and up-to-date information on industry events.
Pitchcare Pitchcare

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6 issues per year

Pitchcare magazine is independent, comprehensive, bi-monthly magazine for everyone involved in working with turf.
Practical Farm Ideas Practical Farm Ideas

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4 issues per year

Practical Farm Ideas magazine is the most comprehensive source of cost-cutting ideas for farmers in the UK.It features innovative machinery built and adapted in farm workshops, workshop methods and techniques which cut costs, time and frustration.
Practical Fishkeeping Practical Fishkeeping

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13 issues per year

Practical Fishkeeping (also known as PFK) caters not only for the very keenest fishkeepers but also beginners. It is a comprehensive guide to fish, products, retailers, and techniques to get the most out of fishkeeping.
Practical Pigs Practical Pigs

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4 issues per year

Practical Pigs magazine is published four times a year in collaboration with the British Pig Association (BPA) and aims to provide an informative and entertaining magazine for the domestic pig keeper with straightforward, down-to-earth content covering all the essentials.
Progressive Farmer Progressive Farmer

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11 issues per year

Your Farm. Your Land. Your Life.
Smallholder Smallholder

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13 issues per year

Smallholder magazine is the definitive magazine for Smallholders and has been published since 1910.
Successful Farming Successful Farming

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12 issues per year

Published since 1902 from the heartland (incidentally, by the same folks who later produced Better Homes and Gardens), Successful Farming yields a bounty of ideas and advice "for families that make ranching and farming their business."
Sugar Journal Sugar Journal

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12 issues per year

Sugar Journal, founded in 1938, is a monthly technical publication that is distributed to an international audience. Articles cover global industry trends in the production, processing and refining of cane, beet and corn, and are authored by respected authorities. Not available on newsstands.
The Commercial Greenhouse Grower The Commercial Greenhouse Grower

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12 issues per year

The Commercial Greenhouse Grower covers both salad and ornamental crops reports from leading nurseries and growing businesses in the U.K. and in Europe, often featuring the latest cultural techniques.
The Vegetable Farmer The Vegetable Farmer

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12 issues per year

The Vegetable Farmer magazine, offers growers informed news and reports of the latest industry developments in the UK field vegetable and outdoor salads growing industry.
Tractor Tractor

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12 issues per year

Tractor magazine is a celebration of farming life and the tractors and machinery that worked them over the past hundred years. From seed time to harvest, dairy to stockyard, our farming heritage is as important as the tractors themselves.
Urban Farm Urban Farm

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6 issues per year

Urban Farm magazine is a guide for those in cities and suburbs looking to become more self-sufficient by growing their own food and treading lightly on the environment in the space they have. Urban Farm magazine offers how-to projects, gardening basics, composting, preserving & freezing and more.
Wrights Farming Register Wrights Farming Register

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12 issues per year

Wrights Farming Register is a monthly newspaper for the farmer, agricultural dealer, plant machinery dealer and contractor. Wrights Farming Register includes monthly editorial and features on farming and countryside topics including Rolling Back the Years which looks at pre-modern tractors, Landscape and Forestry, 4x4, Sports and Hobbies and a new Plant and Machinery section.
Your Chickens Your Chickens

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12 issues per year

Your Chickens is the first magazine in the UK, dedicated to the rapidly growing number of people who keep, or would like to keep chickens in their back garden or yard. Writers are respected experts in the field, and it is a comprehensive guide to all things chicken for those who have embraced this enjoyable lifestyle. Your Chickens celebrates all that is good about chicken keeping. Its full of tips, advice and real life stories of people who have joined the chicken keeping boom. The style of the magazine is informative but fun. It is visually stunning and carries content for all the family including Hattie Hens kids club!

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