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Subscribe to Golf Digest
12 issues per year
The number one golf magazine, Golf Digest covers all of the fun aspects of the sport. Definitely the definitive guide for anyone who likes the sport of golf.
Subscribe to Golf Magazine
12 issues per year
Golf Magazine serves as an overall valuable source for the people, products, and places that matter in the world of professional and local golf.
Subscribe to Golfweek Magazine
40 issues per year
For news on the professional golf circuit and the progress of your favorite professionals, Golfweek Magazine is the optimal source.
Subscribe to Today's Golfer
13 issues per year
Today's Golfer is a practical publication that will give you useful info on top quality equipment and notable courses.
Subscribe to Golf Course Architecture
4 issues per year
For the niche of golf course designers, Golf Course Architecture covers all aspects of golf course planning, design, and creation.
Subscribe to Links Magazine
5 issues per year
Covering the best personalities, events, and places in the world of golf, Links Magazine focuses on the affluent golfer's lifestyle.
Subscribe to Kingdom Magazine
3 issues per year
Not your ordinary golf publication, Kingdom Magazine is the brainchild of golf legend, Arnold Palmer, and features only the absolute best in articles and photography.
Subscribe to African American Golfer's Digest
4 issues per year
Get an in-depth look in to the lives and successes of every African-American golfer to hit the greens. The magazine also offers pro tips on equipment, enhancing your golf swing and even where to find the best travel destinations for pro and amateur alike.
Subscribe to Golf International UK
6 issues per year
For golfers of all levels in the U.K., Golf International U.K. covers all the major tournaments, people, skills, and more pertaining to the sport of golf.
Subscribe to Great Golf Magazine
3 issues per year
Great Golf Magazine covers the lifestyle aspects of golfing, including travel, stunning photography, and other topics related to the golfer's lifestyle.
Subscribe to Women & Golf
6 issues per year
Golf has gained immense popularity among both genders, and with Women & Golf, women have a magazine that follows successful female stars, important LPGA news, and more.

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