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Jewelry Magazines

Offering advice, trends, and products on making your own bead jewelry, Jewelry Stringing is a must for the creative crafters in your life.
Emphasizing the artistic aspect of jewelry, Jewelry Artist discusses the master jewelers and spectacular creations on the jewelry industry.
Jewelry Focus explains the business side of jewelry, including places, jewels and events in the industry.
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Rock & Gem brings the arts of finding and using valuable gems to the everyday man, with stories, advice, and trends that amateurs and professionals can relate to.
If you know anyone who likes to create bracelets, necklaces, and other beaded jewelry, Bead & Button is an expert source on the latest news and techniques.
Step by Step Wire Jewelry will provide the illustrated guides and advice that will have you creating your own jewelry in no time.
Covering numerous details concerned with fine watches, Qp magazine has served as the definitive source for all-things watches since 2003.
For the arts and crafters in your life, Beadwork is a publication that gives info and advice about making your own beaded accessories.

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