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Subscribe to Entertainment Weekly
52 issues per year
This weekly publication provides the latest news on celebrities, film, and television, including unique sections that recommend the best shows airing on a particular week, and in-depth information about modern celebrities.
Subscribe to Variety
50 issues per year
Covering all aspects of the entertainment industry, Variety does not limit itself to one medium. Among its covered topics are film, television, music, and pop-culture.
Subscribe to Empire
12 issues per year
Empire covers just about everything related to movies, from the biggest international blockbuster to buzz about low-budget indie flicks, consider Empire a reliable and vast source of information.
Subscribe to BackStage
51 issues per year
For serious actors who want to advance their careers, there is no better magazine than BackStage, a publication that has info on auditions and other industry news.
Subscribe to M
10 issues per year
A movie magazine for teens, M is a publication that discusses the celebrities, films, and trends that teens care about.
Subscribe to Star
52 issues per year
Celebrity gossip is the subject matter of Star Magazine. For the latest in your favorite celebrity's personal lives, Star will have the inside scoop.
Subscribe to Film Comment
6 issues per year
From the Film Center at Lincoln Center comes Film Comment, a magazine that includes interviews, reviews, and other news regarding the world of motion pictures.
Subscribe to Little White Lies
6 issues per year
Little White Lies is a magazine for those who are in the film industry, or are just major movie fans. Expect interviews, reviews, and other news regarding the film industry.
Subscribe to American Cinematographer
12 issues per year
Dedicated to filmmakers of all types, American Cinematographer explores many topics related to the art of making movies.
Subscribe to OK! Magazine
52 issues per year
A tabloid magazine focusing on American celebrity gossip, OK! Magazine has the inside scoop on the lives of your favorite celebrities.
Subscribe to Call Sheet

For those trying to start or maintain an acting career, Call Sheet provides audition info, news, and other useful content for those who love the stage or screen.
Subscribe to Sight and Sound
12 issues per year
The British Film Institute has published Sight and Sound magazine for over 50 years and is currently the expert source on new trends and classic stories in the film industry.
Subscribe to Uncut
12 issues per year
A U.K. magazine that covers interesting people and performances in both the music and film industries, Uncut is a magazine for those who truly love their movies and bands.

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