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Spanish Magazines

Subscribe to People En Espanol
11 issues per year
A top magazine for Spanish speaking individuals, People En Espanol is loaded with photos, articles, and celebrities of notable people.
Subscribe to Latina Magazine
10 issues per year
Specifically written for the Hispanic woman, Latina Magazine discusses family, culture, fashion, and other topics of interest.
Subscribe to TV Y Novelas
12 issues per year
For news involving your favorite Latin celebrities, TV Y Novelas is the magazine with the latest photos and stories on the stars you love.
Subscribe to Portada
4 issues per year
A highly-ambitious magazine, Portada strives to help businesses reach the Latin demographic. Topics include international news, marketing, and other business subjects.
Subscribe to Vanidades
12 issues per year
Vanidades covers a wide variety of topics that are of interest to Latina women, including fashion, culture, and news.
Subscribe to Siempre Mujer
6 issues per year
With Spanish speaking fashion, news, celebrity gossip, and much more, Siempre Mujer covers a staggering array of topics that appeal to Hispanic culture.
Subscribe to ArtNexus (English Edition)
4 issues per year
A Spanish art publication that focuses primarily on buying and selling, ArtNexus is a leading authority for various types of Latin art.
Subscribe to ArtNexus (Spanish Edition)
4 issues per year
For those in the Latin American community who collect and admire art, ArtNexus (Spanish Edition) is the perfect magazine. It offers news and trends on the latest artists and collectors making waves in the art community.
Subscribe to Latina Style
6 issues per year
Latina Style is intended for professional Hispanic women, and includes culture, news, and business, among other topics.
Subscribe to Alma Magazine
10 issues per year
For Spanish citizens residing in the U.S., Alma Magazine follows the culture and news stories that matter most.
Subscribe to Hispanic Network Magazine
4 issues per year
Covering diversity topics for the Hispanic community, Hispanic Network Magazine follows the ongoing battle for equality.

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