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Woodworking Magazines

15 Woodworking Magazines from the US and the UK

Woodworking Magazines

American Woodworker American Woodworker

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6 issues per year

American Woodworker magazine is a how-to magazine for woodworking enthusiasts. Each issue of American Woodworker magazine features up-to-date plans, new project ideas, product and tool reviews and workshop tips.
Carving Magazine Carving Magazine

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4 issues per year

Carving Magazine is filled with quality instructions for all experience levels, inspiring photographs, interesting stories and carving projects that satisfy a wide range of experience levels and carving styles.
Creative Woodworks & Crafts Creative Woodworks & Crafts

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8 issues per year

Creative Woodworks & Crafts magazine is the best source available for original scroll saw and intarsia patterns, as well as many other kinds of small woodworking projects. Creative Woodworks & Crafts magazine features top-notch, original projects from the world's leading designers.
Fine Woodworking Fine Woodworking

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7 issues per year

Fine Woodworking magazine is for savvy woodworkers--from aspiring beginners to accomplished craftsmen. Find stimulating design ideas, techniques and projects, tips and jigs and helpful product reviews in each issue of Fine Woodworking magazine.
Good Woodworking Good Woodworking

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13 issues per year

Each month Woodworking magazine offers advice and guidance on a wide range of woodworking topics, via stage-by-stage project articles, in-depth technical features, workshop tips and product tests.
Popular Woodworking Popular Woodworking

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7 issues per year

Includes expert advice on a wide range of topics ranging from tool selection and evaluation, to building techniques and project construction. Complete with color photos, detailed instructions and technical illustrations.
Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts

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4 issues per year

The how-to manual for scroll saw wood working tool owners. Each issue contains ready-to-use patterns, human-interest stories, technical information, and the advice of professional woodworkers and artists to help scroll sawyers of all ages and abilities succeed in projects.
The Woodworker The Woodworker

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13 issues per year

The Woodworker is a hands-on, we show you how, magazine aimed at the home woodworker. Its 108 year heritage makes it the authoritative voice on the subject. Edited and written by enthusiasts there is a real feel for, and understanding of, the subject. The Woodworker magazine presents projects and technical advice on all aspects of woodworking, plus news, reviews and tests of the new and most popular woodworking tools and equipment available today.
Wood Wood

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7 issues per year

The #1 magazine for home woodworkers.
Woodcarving Illustrated Woodcarving Illustrated

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4 issues per year

Woodcarving Illustrated magazine promotes woodcarving as a fun pastime and recognized art form. Beginning and advanced carvers find illustrations, step-by-step instructions, patterns and reviews in each issue of Woodcarving Illustrated magazine.
Woodcraft Woodcraft

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6 issues per year

Woodcraft Magazine, written by woodworkers, for woodworkers is the source for all levels of woodworking enthusiasts, from beginners to intermediate to advanced. Focusing on projects, people and products, it inspires woodworkers to stretch their talents in the shop and provides valuable product info.
Woodshop News Woodshop News

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12 issues per year

Woodshop News is the only national business news and current events publication for the professional woodworking industry. For over 20 years Woodshop News has offered essential information that assists professional woodworkers and helps their businesses succeed.
Woodturning Design Woodturning Design

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6 issues per year

Woodturning Design magazine is a full-color publication dedicated to the art of the wood lathe. Outstanding woodturning projects with detailed instructions and step-by-step photos, innovative techniques and exquisite works of art are presented in each issue of Woodturning Design magazine.
Woodworker West Woodworker West

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6 issues per year

Woodworker West promotes woodworking in the Western U.S. Serving both the professional and the hobbyist, Woodworker West magazine covers news events, opportunities, exhibitions, classes and the craftsmen in the region.
Woodworker's Journal Woodworker's Journal

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6 issues per year

Woodworker's Journal is a comprehensive guide to the craft of woodworking and is written for both hobbyists and professionals. Each issue of Woodworker's Journal includes detailed step-by-step instructions plus technique advice, plans, project ideas, and product reviews.

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