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Focused on the abundant fishing opportunities in Florida, this magazine covers both freshwater and saltwater angling, alongside gear recommendations and regional news.
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If you subscribe to Florida Trend Magazine, you can expect some interesting special issues, in addition to the news, business trends, and info that is important to residents of the Sunshine State.
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Orlando Magazine brings the best of Orlando to its readers, covering dining, events, entertainment, and local lifestyles.
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Sarasota Magazine celebrates the beauty and lifestyle of Sarasota, offering insights into its beaches, arts, and community events.
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Gold Coast Magazine delves into the luxury lifestyle of South Florida, featuring the best in dining, culture, and real estate.
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Jacksonville Magazine offers a comprehensive view of life in Jacksonville, from its vibrant arts scene to its unique coastal charm.
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Scene Magazine dives into the luxury lifestyle of Sarasota, featuring fashion, dining, and cultural events.
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Naples Illustrated dives into the luxury lifestyle of Naples, Florida, showcasing its coastal beauty, arts, and upscale living.
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Palm Beach Illustrated celebrates the upscale lifestyle of Palm Beach, featuring luxury living, dining, and cultural
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