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Delve into the world of our faithful and cherished companions with the most popular Dog magazines collection. This curated selection offers a treasure trove of magazines dedicated to all things canine. Whether you're an experienced dog owner, a prospective pet parent, or simply captivated by our four-legged friends, this diverse range of publications has something to offer every dog lover. Explore articles that cover dog training techniques, health and nutrition tips, heartwarming rescue stories, and insights into the unique bond between humans and dogs. Unleash your curiosity and discover the fascinating and heartwarming world of dogs through the pages of these carefully chosen magazines.

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Subscribe to Whole Dog Journal
Whole Dog Journal is a useful magazine that provides information for taking care of dogs, from puppy to senior.
Subscribe to Modern Dog
A magazine for both dogs and their companions. Modern Dog explores the ups and downs of a dog's life from nutrition, wellness and even a memorial page for those pets who have passed on.
Subscribe to Animal Wellness
Animal Wellness Magazine covers everything you need to know to keep your pets healthy and happy. Discover the best way to feed, train and protect these precious family members.
Subscribe to Gun Dog
Hunters and gun dog enthusiasts can discover training techniques, learn more about their favorite dog breeds, plus get the latest information on hunting gear and accessories.
Subscribe to Just Labs
Brown, yellow, or chocolate, the Labrador Retriever is celebrated six times a year in Just Labs Magazine. Learn how to care for and have fun with this very special breed of dog.
Subscribe to The Pointing Dog Journal
The Pointing Dog Journal shares the joys of bird hunting with this special breed of dogs. There is a special relationship between dog and hunter and this magazine honors that relationship.
Subscribe to The Retriever Journal
Retrievers are a group of special breeds of dogs that love the thrill of the bird hunt as much as their masters. The Retriever Journal is written by, and for, those hunters.
Subscribe to Best Friends
Best Friends Magazine is a publication of the Best Friends Animal Society and highlights stories that matter to any animal lover. The online site is a great place to find a new best friend to adopt.

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