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Another Man Another Man

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2 issues per year

ANOTHER MAN mixes credible modern icons with art, music, high impact fashion photography and strong opinionated writing by key cultural voices. A magazine for men who like their lifestyle rocked with passion and intelligence, luxury and a sense of adventure.
Audrey Audrey

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4 issues per year

Audrey Magazine is the nation's premier lifestyle magazine created by Asian American women for Asian American women. Now in its fifth year, Audrey fills a critical need by addressing modern Asian American women's issues.
Blindfold Blindfold

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4 issues per year

Blindfold magazine is a socially conscious, independent new lifestyle magazine. Socially conscious can be defined as being aware of the problems that different societies and communities face on a day-to-day basis. Blindfold magazine helps to inspire readers to take off the proverbial blindfold that society creates and see beyond.
Bust Bust

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6 issues per year

Bust magazine presents a fierce, funny and female attitude. Each issue of Bust magazine addresses a variety of young women's interests, including celebrity interviews, music, fashion, art and relationships.
Charisma Charisma

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12 issues per year

You'll be informed and inspired by the features and stories about what the Holy Spirit is doing in the lives of believers today.
Coastal Living Coastal Living

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10 issues per year

Coastal Living magazine features stylish homes, cozy cottages, sun-filled interiors, and the pleasures of seaside style. Learn how to create the home of your dreams inside and out in each issue of Coastal Living magazine.
Complex Magazine Complex Magazine

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6 issues per year

COMPLEX, from Marc Ecko, is a new magazine for a new generation of young men. We are TWO magazines in one-a lifestyle magazine and a product guide. Throughout both sides of the magazine we cover everything to do with the new pop culture- HIP HOP.
Consumer Reports Consumer Reports

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13 issues per year

Consumer Reports magazine provides readers with unbiased reports on cars, home appliances, electronics, food, health and more. To ensure unbiased reporting, Consumer Reports magazine does not accept advertising. Subscription includes the Annual April Auto Issue and a year-end 360-page buying guide.
Country Country

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7 issues per year

Country magazine celebrates the people, places and stories that make country life so special. Discover America through first-hand reader visits with country folks, full-color photos, reviews of country inns, country-fresh recipes and time-saving tips and shortcuts in every issue of Country magazine.
Cowboys & Indians Cowboys & Indians

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8 issues per year

Cowboys & Indians magazine covers the West and luxury Western lifestyle in a beautifully visual way. Cowboys & Indians magazine features homes, fashion, art, jewelry, photography, travel, history, food, film and celebrity interviews.
Dazed & Confused Magazine Dazed & Confused Magazine

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12 issues per year

D & C has evolved from a London street scene magazine into an internationally-recognized title. With its world-exclusive interviews, ground breaking fashion editorial, peerless photography and award-winning themed issues in music, art, and film, D & C defines the cutting edge of Style & Fashion.
Door County Magazine Door County Magazine

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4 issues per year

Door County Magazine is dedicated to those who live and play in the "Cape Cod of the Midwest." Door County is a destination and home for people searching for a different pace to their life. Since 1997, Door County Magazine has explored the landscape, culture and people of the region.
Ebony Ebony

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11 issues per year

Ebony magazine is a leading magazine for African-American men and women. Ebony magazine covers a broad range of topics such as entertainment, sports, history and art.
Emerald Coast Magazine Emerald Coast Magazine

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6 issues per year

Capturing the essence of Florida's thriving Emerald Coast with award-winning writing, bold layouts and stunning photography, Emerald Coast Magazine has been entertaining area residents and visitors for many years. Social section, business journal, people profiles, home & garden, health and more.
En-V-Us Ethnic Men's Magazine En-V-Us Ethnic Men's Magazine

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4 issues per year

An ethnic men's lifestyle and entertainment magazine, EnVus gives the ethnic male what he enjoys. Readers get exclusive interviews with today's hottest celebrities, athletes and music artists, plus articles about cars, sports, women and the sexy EnVus models.
Equanimity Equanimity

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4 issues per year

Equanimity magazine is a balancing lifestyles magazine. Each quarterly issue shares the stories of those who are beginning, growing and those who have succeeded in reaching the balance that allows us to pursue our dreams and goals in life.
Garden & Gun Garden & Gun

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6 issues per year

Garden & Gun is a Southern lifestyle magazine that's all about the magic of the new South. Lush photography and award winning editorial deliver a unique look at the culture, food, music, art, literature, people and ideas that shape today's south.
Gold Coast Magazine Gold Coast Magazine

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10 issues per year

For more than 30 years, Gold Coast magazine has been a well-known source for high-end fashion, local celebrities and the people, events and places that South Florida comprises. This upscale lifestyle publication focuses on Broward and Palm Beach counties' affluent communities.
Hot Bike Hot Bike

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12 issues per year

Hot Bike magazine is written for Harley-Davidson owners and enthusiasts. Each issue of Hot Bike magazine features technical how-to articles, new product reviews, product evaluations and lifestyle articles.
Inked Magazine Inked Magazine

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10 issues per year

Inked magazine is a men's lifestyle magazine with a focus on rebellious luxury. Inked magazine embraces with no restrictions, the contemporary man's interests, from tattoos and fashion to gadgets, entertainment and more fashion.
International Living International Living

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12 issues per year

International Living magazine provides information about global travel, living, retiring, investing and real estate. International Living magazine shows you how to live better for less when you expand your world beyond your own shores.
Life & Style Weekly Life & Style Weekly

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52 issues per year

Life & Style weekly magazine covers the latest happenings in Hollywood from fashion trends to celebrity gossip. Also find fashion, beauty, lifestyle trends and shopping guides in each issue of Life & Style Weekly magazine.
Lucky Lucky

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12 issues per year

Lucky magazine is the ultimate fashion guide packed with the hottest fashion, beauty and home finds. Lucky magazine also features expert fashion advice and interviews from trendy designers, ways to pair pieces and tips for shopping on a budget.
Midwest Living Midwest Living

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6 issues per year

Midwest Living magazine celebrates life in America's heartland. Find articles on the Midwest's best travel, recipes, events, homes and people in each issue of Midwest Living magazine.
Mountain Living Mountain Living

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7 issues per year

Mountain Living magazine is a home and garden magazine written for people who live in the mountains. Each issue of Mountain Living magazine features articles on mountain homes, people, gardening, food and lifestyle.
NUVO Magazine NUVO Magazine

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4 issues per year

NUVO was started in 1998 with a vision to create a magazine that was inspired by quality, and showcased the best of international culture. NUVO includes articles on business, travel, finance, wine, gourmet food, fashion, celebrities, music and much more. Enjoyed by those with sophisticated tastes.
O, The Oprah Magazine O, The Oprah Magazine

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12 issues per year

O, The Oprah Magazine is the contemporary woman's personal growth guide. Each issue of O magazine offers empowering ideas stamped with Oprah's unique vision on everything from health, careers and relationships to fashion, books, and food.
Orange Coast Magazine Orange Coast Magazine

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12 issues per year

A magazine of Orange County.
Paper Paper

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10 issues per year

Paper is the magazine of culture formation among the seriously hip, a style bible, the periscope of pop culture, consistently ahead on style trends. The only Guide with style offers comprehensive listings of where to eat, shop, party, drink, view art, catch a movie and be beautiful in Gotham.
Real Simple Real Simple

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12 issues per year

Real Simple magazine is about simplifying your life, home, body and soul. Find ideas for home, food, money, clothes, health, work, family and holidays in each issue of Real Simple magazine.

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6 issues per year

Relevant magazine is a lifestyle magazine for today's forward-thinking and spiritually focused twenty-something's. Relevant magazine covers faith, pop culture and life.
Robb Report Robb Report

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12 issues per year

Robb Report magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine. Each issue of Robb Report magazine brings readers the best life has to offer with features on exotic automobiles, boats, exclusive travel destinations, jewelry and other luxuries.
Rolling Stone Rolling Stone

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26 issues per year

Rolling Stone magazine is the definitive source for music and pop culture trends. In addition, find culture and social commentary on current news and events in each issue of Rolling Stone magazine.
Shop Smart Shop Smart

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10 issues per year

Shop Smart magazine is a lively guide from the experts at Consumer Reports. Find quick, easy-to-use, unbiased shopping advice to help you find the best products and services at the best value in each issue of Shop Smart magazine.
Southern Lady Southern Lady

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6 issues per year

Southern Lady magazine celebrates everything Southern. Each issue of Southern Lady magazine features beautiful table settings, home decor, family entertaining ideas and mouth-watering recipes.
Southern Living Southern Living

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13 issues per year

Southern Living magazine draws from its Southern roots and provides a guidebook for traveling, cooking, gardening, hospitality and decorating. You'll find ideas and recipes rich in Southern tradition in each issue of Southern Living magazine.
Successful Farming Successful Farming

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12 issues per year

Published since 1902 from the heartland (incidentally, by the same folks who later produced Better Homes and Gardens), Successful Farming yields a bounty of ideas and advice "for families that make ranching and farming their business."
Sunset Sunset

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12 issues per year

Sunset magazine celebrates the promise of the West. Sunset magazine exposes readers to the experiences and advantages only the West can offer.
Tattoo Tattoo

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12 issues per year

Tattoo magazine is the world's best selling tattoo magazine. Find all styles of tattoos, the most exquisite examples of skin art and articles on international ink slingers and their living canvasses in each issue of Tattoo magazine.
The Palm Beacher Magazine The Palm Beacher Magazine

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10 issues per year

The Palm Beacher focuses on affluent living in the Palm Beaches and features the area's best in terms of dining, real estate, fashion/style, business trends, and celebrities. The Palm Beacher is published 10 times a year.
Town & Country Town & Country

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11 issues per year

Town & Country magazine offers the latest in luxury living from beautiful homes to exotic vacations. In each issue of Town & Country magazine find articles on fashion, arts and entertainment, fine dining and home design.
Travel + Leisure Travel + Leisure

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12 issues per year

Travel + Leisure magazine has all the information for a journey to a fabulous faraway place or a quick trip. Find useful travel tips, off-the-beaten-path itineraries and the best hotels and restaurants in each issue of Travel + Leisure magazine.
Vanity Fair Vanity Fair

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12 issues per year

Vanity Fair magazine covers contemporary culture. Vanity Fair magazine is known for its insightful profiles, fiction, non-fiction and news on a variety of topics like society, business, politics, crime, fashion, Hollywood and current events.
Where To Retire Where To Retire

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6 issues per year

Where to Retire magazine is America's foremost authority on retirement relocation. Where to Retire magazine is filled the best information to find the ideal place to retire, such as climates, state and local taxes, cost of living, housing costs, health care, crime and much more.

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