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Top 10 Teen Magazines

Seventeen is a magazine that covers the issues that matter to teenage girls. Offering a wide-variety of content, from quizzes and romance advice, to beauty tips and fashion, Seventeen is among the most popular teen magazines.
A teen version of the elegant fashion magazine, Teen Vogue discusses topics like prom, dating, style, celebrities, and other concepts popular with fashionable teenage girls.
Teen Ink magazine is truly unique, because it is not only for teenagers, but it's written by teens as well. With the help of English teachers throughout the country, Teen Ink collects the best fiction and non-fiction from teenage authors and publishes it in their magazine.
If you have a Boy Scout in your life, this is the magazine for them. Boy's Life is the official magazine for the Boy Scouts of America, and covers the material that is appropriate for mature kids and young teens.
Winner of a Parent's Choice Award, Girl's Life Magazine focuses on the issues and topics important to girls over ten years of age. This includes fashion, games, and pop-culture, among other things.
Created to be a positive and inspiring publication for teenage girls, Discovery Girls magazine has fun things like games and quizzes, and articles that share inspirational stories of young girls.
J-14 is for teen girls who crave celeb news, fun fluff, star style, fan fiction, and bling.
Cicada addresses issues that matter to teens and young adults. Published bimonthly, each issue is based on a specific theme.
Justine is the magazine for teen fashion, beauty and health tips, lifestyle and entertainment buzz.
Teen Graffiti started in Texas as a way to allow teens to express themselves artistically in a way the world would better understand. The magazine has become a national voice for teens, helping them express themselves at home, in high school, and beyond.
Glitter Magazine is for girls who want to know "how to", who enjoy the latest in music, look for beauty and fashion tips, and need to know the latest on their favorite celebs.

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