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Running Magazines

9 Running Magazines from the US and the UK

Running Magazines

Men's Running Men's Running

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12 issues per year

Men's Running is the first British running magazine just for men.
Northwest Runner Northwest Runner

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12 issues per year

Covers runners and running opportunities in the state of Washington. Race reports, runner profiles, training, and injury prevention advice.
Runner's World Runner's World

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12 issues per year

Runner's World magazine informs, educates and inspires runners of all ages and abilities. Each issue of Runner's World contains profiles, race coverage, training advice, nutrition information and product reviews.
Runner's World UK Runner's World UK

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12 issues per year

Runner's World UK is an inspirational and motivational magazine for runners of all ages and abilities. Each issue of Runners World UK magazine provides abundant information, advise, education, and motivation for runners that helps achieve their personal health, fitness and performance goals.
Running Times Running Times

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10 issues per year

Running Times magazine is a comprehensive source for expert information on training and racing. Find advice on training techniques, recipes and current news on sports medicine in each issue of Running Times magazine.
Trail Runner Trail Runner

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8 issues per year

Trail Runner magazine is devoted to off-road running and adventure racing. Trail Runner magazine offer enticing features, beautiful photography, detailed information on techniques and well-being and great gear reviews, providing readers with all they need to know to hit the trails running.
Trail Running Trail Running

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6 issues per year

Trail Running is the UKs only magazine dedicated to off-road running, so if youre fed up with pounding the pavement next to the traffic, breathing in fumes, or sweating away on a treadmill, this quarterly magazine will get you running in the fresh, gorgeous UK countryside and loving every minute of it.
Triathlon Plus Triathlon Plus

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13 issues per year

Triathlon Plus is essential magazine for all triathletes. It is the magazine for people who love the energy and excitement of a multi-disciplinary sport.
Women's Running Women's Running

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12 issues per year

Womens Running magazine is the UKs first running title just for women. Written by women for women, the magazine caters for both beginners and regular runners who want to lose weight, feel fitter and improve their stamina. It features inspirational stories and case studies, motivational tips, nutritional advice and the latest running products and fashions. It also includes regular sections on weight-loss and healthy eating. Womens Running is published monthly.