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Antique Magazines

Subscribe to Homes and Antiques
12 issues per year
Get a modern spin on antiques and collectibles with Homes and Antiques. Blending interiors and exteriors with the old and the new.
Subscribe to Antiques Trade Gazette
50 issues per year
Read by serious buyers and sellers, and anyone else hungry for the latest in market information in fine antiques. This is your must have weekly publication.
Subscribe to Antiques & Fine Art
6 issues per year
Whether your taste runs from paintings and photography, to sculpture, or books, all things new and old can be explored in Antiques & Fine Art
Subscribe to Hali
4 issues per year
Hali showcases the art of tapestry in stunning ways; sharing woven tales and auction news.
Subscribe to Art & Antiques
10 issues per year
Subscribe to Country Sampler
6 issues per year
Country Sampler is "Today's Country Style". Full of decorating ideas and hints to turn any home to the country side of life.
Subscribe to The Magazine Antiques
6 issues per year
Covering news, opinions and articles on antiques and collectibles, both old and new.
Subscribe to American Art Collector
12 issues per year
A monthly magazine for the connoisseur of all things art. Enjoy the collections in either print or digital form.
Subscribe to Western Art Collector
12 issues per year
The majesty and beauty of the old west captured in stunning works of art. If you are looking for a piece of history this publication will keep you in touch with upcoming sales.
Subscribe to Heritage Magazine for the Intelligent Collector
3 issues per year
From cars to art glass and everything in-between; a must have magazine for collectors and antique dealers
Subscribe to Art & Auction
11 issues per year
Featuring 11 annual issues, plus a subscription to Gallery Guide, Art & Auction provides functional info on all-things related to art, auctions, and art collectors.

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