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Subscribe to Essence
12 issues per year
Covering the latest in fashion, beauty and skin care, hairstyles and so much more. Black is beautiful. Plus get everything you need to know on the latest upcoming festivals
Subscribe to Ebony
11 issues per year
The leading black magazine for everything in entertainment and style. Plus get extra insights on love, sex and wellness.
Subscribe to Juicy

Covering celebrity news, from television to music, get all the juicy news on your favorite entertainers. "It's Black & Sexy, Baby!"
Subscribe to Black Men
6 issues per year
Black is beautiful in this men's only magazine. From celebrities, to models, it's girls, girls, girls.
Subscribe to En-V-Us Ethnic Men's Magazine
4 issues per year
EnVus Ethnic Men's Magazine highlights the latest in entertainment news, sports, lifestyle and of course sexy girls.
Subscribe to Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine
11 issues per year
A business and lifestyle magazine featuring issues that affect the black Atlanta community. Keeping subscribers abreast of the newsmakers, events and higher learning opportunities.
Subscribe to Black EOE Journal
4 issues per year
This quarterly journal covers topics important to today's' African-American scholars and businesses. Get the latest in-depth news on careers, education, money and financial issues, plus upcoming conferences and events.
Subscribe to African American Golfer's Digest
4 issues per year
Get an in-depth look in to the lives and successes of every African-American golfer to hit the greens. The magazine also offers pro tips on equipment, enhancing your golf swing and even where to find the best travel destinations for pro and amateur alike.
Subscribe to Pathfinders Travel
6 issues per year
It's travel planning at its finest. Get everything you need to know, before you go, including food and drink, trips and tours, the best beaches and exciting destinations. Get first hand knowledge about African-American history, travel to cooler places, or get help planning that perfect family reunion. It's all here.
Subscribe to Divascribe
12 issues per year
Diva Scribe is a lifestyle magazine aimed at women of colour, and is distributed in 9 different countries. Subjects covered include fashion and style, relationships, travel, beauty and business.

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