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Esquire, since 1933, has examined and shaped the essence of manhood. Covering everything from fashion to politics, it provides insights, advice, and entertainment for the modern man while often tackling societal and cultural issues head-on.
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Men's Health is the go-to resource for modern men looking to stay in top shape. With workout routines, nutrition advice, and lifestyle tips, it's an essential guide for achieving and maintaining optimum physical and mental well-being.
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GQ, or Gentlemen's Quarterly since 1931, has evolved from fashion to encompass all facets of men's lives. It addresses style, culture, politics, and health with a polished, yet approachable tone.
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For both novice joggers and marathon veterans, Runner's World offers advice on training, nutrition, and injury prevention. It's the ultimate guide for those passionate about hitting the pavement.
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Robb Report is the global luxury source. Covering the luxury lifestyle market from yachts and real estate to cars and fine dining, this magazine has been the definitive guide to the finer things in life for decades.
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In the competitive world of poker, Card Player has carved a niche. It not only offers gameplay strategy and tips but also features interviews with top players and updates from major poker tournaments worldwide.
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More than just cigars and cigar reviews, Cigar Aficionado is a publication dedicated to the luxury lifestyle associated with high-quality cigars.

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