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About AllYouCanRead.com

Welcome to AllYouCanRead.com, the largest database of magazines and newspapers on the Internet, with listings for about 25,000 magazines, newspapers and top news sites from all over the world. AllYouCanRead.com is a complete guide to world media sources where readers find stories quickly -- whether it's news from Time Magazine or a small regional weekly newspaper in Asia.

Over 200 countries are represented at AllYouCanRead.com. Our magazine and newspaper listings are categorized not only by their country of origin, but are also subcategorized by topic - be it art, business or travel. Basic and advanced search engines can be used to search publications by name, keyword, category or location.

Visitors can read their favorite news sources online or take advantage of our integrated subscription offers, which lets them subscribe to a magazine or a newspaper without ever leaving the AllYouCanRead.com site.

We hope you find just what you're looking for and more. We welcome your questions and comments - e-mail us at allyoucanread[AT]amixima[DOT]com.

USA Today
"Turn your desktop into a newsstand, courtesy of the aptly named AllYouCanRead. A portal to magazines and newspapers from around the world. With featured links and lists of top publications."

"AllYouCanRead.com provides links to magazines and newspapers from all over the world. The site is very easy to navigate since it's split up by either the category of the magazine or where the magazine originates. Best Feature: Check out which mags are hot in the "Top 20" section."

Japan Times
"AllYouCanRead.com - ... a great place to access hundreds of on-line magazines and newspapers, ... a great way to learn more about regional and local reporting."

The Age (Australia)
"What kind of magazine lets you gawk at sexy celebrity pin-ups, read up on the Al-Qaeda network, scan current stockmarket fluctuations, discover the joys of needle craft, get up to speed on car and trucking trends, and psychoanalyse your relationships? Actually, one that doesn't exist in print. All these issues, however, are discussed via All You Can Read, a gateway to a wide range of magazines from Maxim, The Economist and American Cheerleader, to Cosmopolitan, Custom Classic Trucks and Psychology Today. It's a one-stop-shop and cheap way to access international publications."

The Gazette (Colorado Springs, CO)
"Allyoucanread.com is really a misnomer. The site offers more magazines and newspapers to read online than anyone could possibly manage in a lifetime. The magazine section is nicely organized by subject matter and geography, so you can read business favorites such as Money and The Economist or more obscure titles such as PC Zimbabwe."

Bangkok Post
"It may be true that the Web is much more money-hungry than it once was, but excellent sites like this one remind you that much of the best web content is still offered to you without asking you to dig into your pocket."