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2024 Top Encyclopedias Websites

2024 Top Encyclopedias in the US


Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia created and edited by volunteers worldwide. Known for its vast amount of information, it covers topics across all domains in multiple languages.
Britannica is a renowned online encyclopedia offering detailed articles on a wide range of subjects. Its content is curated by experts, making it a trusted source for information.
Wikiwand is a modern interface for Wikipedia, enhancing the browsing experience with improved navigation, graphics, and layout. It offers users a visually appealing way to consume Wikipedia content.
Encyclopedia.com provides online access to reference articles, facts, and research materials on a wide range of topics.
Ballotpedia is a comprehensive resource for information on elections, candidates, and issues in the United States. The site covers federal, state, and local elections, offering detailed profiles, statistics, and analysis.
World History Encyclopedia
World History Encyclopedia is an online resource that offers articles, timelines, and interactive content about global history. The platform covers ancient civilizations, historical events, and significant personalities in depth.
Oxford Reference
Oxford Reference is a digital library offering a vast collection of academic reference works from Oxford University Press. It includes dictionaries, encyclopedias, and subject-specific reference materials across various disciplines.
Encylopedia of Life
Encyclopedia of Life is an online reference database of all living species. It provides information, photos, and sources for millions of species around the world.
New World Encyclopedia
New World Encyclopedia is a knowledge resource that integrates factual information with scholarly explanations. Articles are written and reviewed by experts, emphasizing a balanced and global perspective.
Rational Wiki
Rational Wiki is a community-driven site that aims to critique and challenge pseudoscience, misinformation, and public misconceptions. The platform provides a satirical take on topics while promoting scientific accuracy.
Oxford Research Encyclopedias
Oxford Research Encyclopedias offers comprehensive collections of in-depth, peer-reviewed summaries on a wide range of topics. The platform is curated by leading scholars and covers various academic disciplines.
Simplicable is an online platform that offers articles, explanations, and insights on a wide range of topics, simplifying complex ideas for better understanding. It covers various domains like business, technology, design, culture, and more.