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GSM arena
GSM Arena is a leading online platform for mobile phone news, reviews, and specifications. They offer detailed information on nearly all mobile devices, comparisons, and a community for enthusiasts to discuss the latest in mobile tech.
Android Authority
Android Authority covers all things related to the Android operating system, including news, reviews, apps, and devices.
Android Police
Android Police is a blog dedicated to Android news, reviews, apps, games, and devices. It's a comprehensive source for all things related to the Android platform.
Phone Arena
Phone Arena is a platform dedicated to mobile technology. It offers the latest news, reviews, and specs for smartphones, tablets, and related accessories.
Android Central
Android Central covers news, reviews, and tips related to Android devices, apps, and software. It's a go-to resource for Android enthusiasts and users.
Sam Mobile
SamMobile is dedicated to Samsung products, offering news, firmware updates, and reviews.
Android Headlines
Android Headlines covers news, reviews, and guides about the Android platform. From the latest device launches to app updates, it's a comprehensive source for Android enthusiasts.
CellularNews is a platform that offers the latest news, reviews, and updates related to mobile technology and telecommunications. It covers smartphones, network technologies, apps, and industry developments.
Pocket Now
Pocket Now provides news, reviews, and insights related to mobile technology, including smartphones, tablets, and wearables.
The Droid Guy
The Droid Guy is a platform dedicated to Android news, tech guides, and reviews. The site covers smartphones, apps, and provides troubleshooting tips for Android users.
Droid Life
Droid Life is a site dedicated to Android news, reviews, and tips. It offers the latest updates on Android devices, apps, and OS news.