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Top Religion Websites, Blogs and Online Resources in the US


Sacred Text Archive
Sacred Text Archive is a treasure trove of religious, mythological, and esoteric texts. It's an invaluable resource for those studying comparative religion and ancient scriptures.

Christian Stores

Christianbook is a leading online retailer specializing in Christian books, Bibles, gifts, and other faith-based products. Serving the Christian community for decades, the platform provides resources for spiritual growth, education, and inspiration.
Lifeway is a Christian resource provider offering Bibles, books, church supplies, and more. It caters to individuals, churches, and organizations with its wide range of religious and educational materials.


Bible Gateway
Bible Gateway is a comprehensive online scriptural resource, offering numerous translations of the Bible, commentaries, and study tools. The platform is designed for readers of all levels, from laypeople to clergy, aiding in study, devotional, or liturgical purposes.
Biblehub provides an extensive range of Bible study tools, including parallel texts, cross-references, Treasury of Scripture, and commentaries. This comprehensive resource is designed for in-depth study, quick referencing, and sermon preparation.
Bible.com, powered by YouVersion, is an online and mobile platform dedicated to helping people engage with the Bible. Their user-friendly interface, reading plans, and community features make scripture accessible and engaging for modern audiences.
Ther Christian Post
The Christian Post is a leading Christian news outlet, delivering up-to-date reports, opinion pieces, and analysis on issues affecting the global Christian community. Their platform covers diverse topics from church events to cultural intersections with faith.
New Aadvent
New Advent is a Catholic resource portal that provides the Catholic Encyclopedia, Church Fathers, and other writings. Their comprehensive digital library serves both laypeople and clergy in research and study.
Life Site
LifeSiteNews delivers news from a pro-life and pro-family perspective. They cover topics related to life, family, culture, and faith, providing a counter-narrative to mainstream news outlets.
Aleteia is a Catholic digital platform that offers news, explanations, and reflections about the Catholic faith and spirituality. The website focuses on inspiring stories, advice, and insights rooted in Catholic tradition.
Crosswalk offers Christian resources including Bible study tools, devotionals, and articles touching on faith, family, and culture. Their comprehensive platform seeks to bridge the gap between faith and daily life, guiding believers in their spiritual journey.
Catholic News Agency
Catholic News Agency (CNA) is a service providing up-to-date news, information, and resources about the Catholic Church. Their platform covers global issues, papal announcements, and other events pertinent to the Catholic faith.
BlueLetter Bible
BlueLetter Bible offers a suite of digital tools for Bible study, including original language analysis, interlinear Bibles, and commentaries. Their platform emphasizes in-depth study, helping users explore and understand the Biblical texts.
Biblia, powered by Logos Bible Software, is an online Bible study platform that provides powerful research tools and a rich library of resources. Users can explore scripture alongside an expansive digital library of trusted books and commentaries.
Catholic Online
Catholic Online is a comprehensive digital platform offering news, teachings, prayers, and resources centered around the Catholic faith. It serves as a hub for Catholics worldwide to stay informed, deepen their faith, and engage in prayerful community.
The Gospel Coalition
The Gospel Coalition (TGC) is a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing faith in the gospel. Their platform offers theological articles, blogs, and resources that are gospel-centered and Scripture-focused.
Religion News
Religion News Service offers unbiased coverage of religion, ethics, and spirituality news from around the world. Their platform emphasizes the intersection of faith with culture, politics, and society.
Christianity.com is an online hub providing articles, Bible study tools, and spiritual insights tailored to various Christian denominations. The platform focuses on enriching the faith journey of believers with resources on theology, life issues, and history.
Desiring God, founded by John Piper, is a ministry focused on proclaiming the truth and joy of God. Their platform offers sermons, articles, and resources that emphasize God's sovereignty and the delight in Him.
National Catholic Reporter
National Catholic Reporter is an independent news source that offers reporting and analysis on issues related to the Catholic faith. They cover a broad spectrum of topics including social justice, liturgy, and global events from a Catholic lens.
America Magazine
America Magazine is a Jesuit publication offering Catholic news, analysis, and opinion on faith, culture, and current events. Their platform seeks to inform and enrich the public discourse from a faith-based perspective.
National Catholic Register
National Catholic Register offers news, opinion, and information rooted in a commitment to the Church's teachings. They provide a Catholic perspective on world events, liturgical changes, and societal trends.
Bible.org is an online platform offering a plethora of Bible study tools, resources, and articles. Their mission is to equip believers worldwide for teaching, evangelism, and discipleship through trustworthy content.
EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) is a global Catholic television, radio, and news network that shares the teachings of the Church. They broadcast liturgical events, educational content, and news relevant to Catholics worldwide.
First Things is an inter-religious publication, addressing major issues in religion, culture, and public life. Their thought-provoking articles and commentaries emphasize the union of faith and reason in contemporary discussions.
King James Bible
King James Bible Online provides access to the text of the King James Version (KJV) Bible, accompanied by search and study tools. Users can explore the scriptures, historical context, and related commentaries.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL) is a digital library that offers classic Christian writings from across history. Their platform provides access to revered works, aiding in study, reflection, and spiritual growth.
Christian Today
Christian Today is a leading Christian news publisher, offering timely news, analysis, and opinion pieces about the global Christian community. Their platform addresses contemporary issues through a faith-based lens, informing and engaging readers of various denominations.
Catholic.net is an online portal providing articles, reflections, and resources in line with Catholic teachings and traditions. It aims to educate, inspire, and nurture the spiritual growth of its readers.
Crux is an independent Catholic news source, delivering deep coverage on the Vatican, global Catholic news, and cultural issues from a Catholic perspective. They provide a unique blend of religious, cultural, and political reportage.
GodTube is a Christian video-sharing platform where users can view and share faith-based videos. Ranging from music to sermons, the platform offers content that uplifts and inspires its audience.


Quran.com is a platform dedicated to providing access to the Quran, offering translations, commentaries, and recitations. With user-friendly features, it aims to make the Quran's teachings more accessible to a global audience.


Forward is a progressive voice in the Jewish community, providing news, opinions, and cultural insights. Established in 1897, it covers a diverse range of topics from politics to the arts with a Jewish lens.
Jewish Virtual Library
Jewish Virtual Library serves as an encyclopedic resource on Jewish history and culture. It offers extensive articles, biographies, and statistics, providing a comprehensive view of Jewish life.
Chabad.org is the official site of the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement. It offers a wealth of Jewish learning resources, articles, videos, and insights into Jewish traditions and holidays.
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) is a global Jewish news source. Providing breaking news and in-depth analyses, JTA covers a range of topics from politics to culture concerning the Jewish community.
Tablet Magazine is a daily online publication of Jewish news, ideas, and culture. Covering politics, arts, and religion, it offers fresh perspectives on topics relevant to contemporary Jewish thought.
The Jewish News
The Jewish News offers timely reports, opinions, and analyses for the UK's Jewish community. It captures a broad spectrum of Jewish life, from community events to global news.
Aish is a Jewish educational organization offering insights into Jewish history, philosophy, and spirituality. With a mission of rejuvenating Jewish beliefs, it provides diverse resources from articles to seminars.
Jewish Journal
Jewish Journal is a media outlet offering news, opinion, and analysis on topics relevant to the Jewish community. It blends global and local perspectives, touching on issues from Israel to Los Angeles.

Other Religions

Patheos provides perspectives on religion and spirituality from various faith traditions and viewpoints. It serves as a platform for discussions on faith, spirituality, and religious practices.
Learn Religions
Learn Religions offers articles and educational resources on various religions, beliefs, and practices from around the world.
Theoi Project
Theoi Project is a comprehensive guide exploring ancient Greek mythology and the gods in classical literature and art. It offers detailed profiles, texts, and images related to Greek myths.
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