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Architectural Digest celebrates the beautiful intersection of architecture and interior design, featuring the latest trends, innovations, and influential personalities in design.
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Dedicated to covering high-society news, luxury travel, and the arts, 'Town & Country' offers an elegant perspective on lifestyle, fashion, and culture for the affluent reader.
Subscribe to Robb Report
Robb Report is the global luxury source. Covering the luxury lifestyle market from yachts and real estate to cars and fine dining, this magazine has been the definitive guide to the finer things in life for decades.
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Jezebel magazine is Atlanta's leading luxury lifestyle publication, offering the latest in fashion, beauty, design, and culture.
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Unique Homes showcases luxury properties from around the world, offering a glimpse into opulent residences and real estate trends for high-end properties.
Subscribe to City Life
City Life magazine covers lifestyle, culture, and community events in the greater Toronto area, showcasing the vibrant life of the city.
Subscribe to Dolce Vita
Dolce Vita is a luxury lifestyle magazine, offering insights into fashion, travel, dining, and the arts, with a focus on the good life.
Subscribe to Private Air Luxury Homes
Private Air Luxury Homes focuses on luxury real estate and high-end lifestyles, showcasing opulent residences and lifestyle trends for the affluent reader.
Subscribe to Yachts International
Beyond just luxury charters and design insights, Yachts International delves into the technological advancements in yachting, ensuring readers are up-to-date with the latest trends.

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