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Easily the most famous sports magazine in America, Sports Illustrated is the undisputed authority on the people, news, and events of American sports. Released weekly, Sports Illustrated magazine strives to bring the trends, news, and articles that are relevant to any sports fan.
For all your running needs, Runner's World will have the info to help. Product reviews, techniques, events, and numerous other running-related topics are covered in this magazine.
Covering road cycling with an emphasis on taking action, Bicycling is a magazine that will motivate you with training plans, maintenance guides, and other practical information.
The number one golf magazine, Golf Digest covers all of the fun aspects of the sport. Definitely the definitive guide for anyone who likes the sport of golf.
Golf Magazine serves as an overall valuable source for the people, products, and places that matter in the world of professional and local golf.
Essentially the bible of modern tennis, Tennis Magazine fills you in on the trends, athletes, news, and gear that is prominent in the world of tennis.
An expert source for anything having to do with hockey, The Hockey News covers the NHL in detail, in addition to stats, articles, and expert opinions on upcoming hockey events.
Flex is a true bodybuilding magazine, with tips, interviews, profiles, and detailed photos that show famous bodybuilders and workouts.
Slam is a must for the basketball fan in your life. With detailed interviews, profiles of famous NBA and college players, team statistics, and tons of other info involving basketball news, Slam is the leading expert on all-things related to basketball.

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