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Subscribe to Videomaker
12 issues per year
Video making can be an engaging hobby or a lucrative career. Whatever your video creation goals, Videomaker magazine is an expert guide.
Subscribe to Hi-Fi Plus
12 issues per year
Fans of high-fidelity audio will appreciate Hi-Fi Plus, a trendy and popular magazine for audiophiles.
Subscribe to Electronic Musician
12 issues per year
There are numerous ways of creating electronic music, and Electronic Musician is a magazine that covers them all, including synthesizers and keyboards.
Subscribe to Hi Fi World
12 issues per year
From measuring to building, Hi Fi World is the UK's highly respected resource on Hi Fi technology.
Subscribe to Mix
12 issues per year
Professionals in the audio industry will be into Mix magazine, a publication that follows the latest gear, technology, and news regarding audio.
Subscribe to Home Cinema Choice
13 issues per year
Home Cinema Plus offers tips and ideas for anyone who wants to customize their home theater.
Subscribe to HDVideo Pro
6 issues per year
For anyone who works with HD video, HDVideo Pro has professional level advice on the rapidly evolving industry.
Subscribe to Hi-Fi News
13 issues per year
The world famous audio magazine based out of the UK, Hi-Fi News covers all of the major industry news and trends.
Subscribe to Nuts & Volts
12 issues per year
Tinkerers, inventors, and other electronics enthusiasts will love Nuts & Volts magazine, the prominent publication for DIY electronics.
Subscribe to Professional Sound
6 issues per year
Covering everything from broadcasting to audio venues, Professional Sound is the ideal magazine for the audio professional.

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