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Extreme Sports Magazines

Extreme Sports Magazines

For all things having to do with surfing, Surfer Magazine will have the info you need. With tips, photos, and interviews with successful surfers, Surfer magazine has tons of useful info.
From gear to techniques, Scuba Diving magazine is the prominent authority for underwater explorers and divers.
Climbing is a magazine that has everything you'd expect on the topic, including valuable tips, different styles, popular locations, and stunning photography.
Focusing specifically on the niche of snowmobiling, American Snowmobiler is a magazine with guides, interviews, news, and various other topics related to snowmobiles.
A trendy snowmobiling magazine that uses stunning photography to explain techniques, describe events, and provide other information for snowmobile fans.
Covering America's snowboarding culture, Transworld Snowboarding serves as the expert source on the sport, with event coverage, interviews, and stunning photography.

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