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Men's Fitness Magazines

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The world's top men's fitness magazine, Men's Health is the definitive authority on news, trends, and techniques associated with life as a healthy man. Food, fashion, and fitness are among the men-centric topics discussed here.
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For all your running needs, Runner's World will have the info to help. Product reviews, techniques, events, and numerous other running-related topics are covered in this magazine.
Subscribe to Muscle & Fitness
Focusing on building muscle, this magazine covers anything you will need to enhance your workouts. Covering bodybuilding advice from experts, dietary recommendations, supplement reviews, and numerous other aspects of remaining fit, Muscle & Fitness is a reliable source for cutting edge fitness info.
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Men's Journal is a men's magazine with a sense of adventure. Food, style, travel, and women are among the subjects delved into in Men's Journal.
Subscribe to Bicycling
Covering road cycling with an emphasis on taking action, Bicycling is a magazine that will motivate you with training plans, maintenance guides, and other practical information.
Subscribe to Flex
Flex is a true bodybuilding magazine, with tips, interviews, profiles, and detailed photos that show famous bodybuilders and workouts.
Subscribe to Muscular Development
Muscular Development is a magazine and website that covers the spectrum of bodybuilding information. For nutrition, bodybuilding news, and anything having to do with building muscle, Muscular Development is the definitive source.
Subscribe to Trail Runner
If running in adventurous, off-road locations is of interest to you, then Trail Runner will not disappoint. With emphasis on high-quality photographs of popular running trails, Trail Runner will have the info you need to plan your next adventure run.

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