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WIRED is more than a tech magazine; since 1993, it has been the prophetic voice of the future. Covering emerging technologies, culture, and science, it delves into how today's innovations shape tomorrow's world.
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While not exclusively about technology, Popular Mechanics covers a broad spectrum of topics including gadgets, electronics, and innovations. It?s a staple for tech enthusiasts and DIYers.
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One of the oldest continually published magazines in the U.S., Scientific American covers a vast array of scientific topics. Their expert contributors unpack complex issues in a way that's both authoritative and accessible.
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With in-depth features on everything from astronomy to zoology, Discover magazine examines the latest scientific developments, exploring the wonders and mysteries of the universe.
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Innovation & Tech Today covers the latest advancements in technology and innovation. It explores trends in STEM, sustainability, and digital entertainment.

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