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Whether you're a tech geek or business entrepreneur, WIRED is the magazine that is known for covering all things tech, and how these tech trends relate to other aspects of life.
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As the ultimate magazine for practical advice on do-it-yourself projects, Popular Mechanics also provides insight on products, technology, and modern trends in industries ranging from automotive to robotics.
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To stay updated on the latest news in all of the major sciences, Scientific American uses infographics, photos, and expert explanations to keep you knowledgeable.
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If you want to be on the cutting edge of technology and scientific discovery, Popular Science will provide news, trends and science articles that will peak your interest.
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Discover the curiosities of science and explore the mind, body, space, medicine, and the environment through Discover Magazine. Have fun with the latest discoveries in technology, or be amazed by the wonders of the natural world.
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Communications Africa is a bimonthly magazine publishing insights into the latest technologies available and being implemented around the African Continent.

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