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The key element of Parents magazine is the expert advice on a wide array of subjects. Parents magazine features age-specific guides, pregnancy advice, and numerous other types of information that will be useful to parents in all stages.
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A magazine distinctly for women of all ages, Woman's Day has relationship advice, lite-cooking recipes, business advice, and numerous other subjects that are major parts of women's lives.
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With AD/HD a nationally-recognized disease, ADDitude is the guide to all new advancements, notable people, treatments, and information regarding attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder.
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The essential magazine for the career-minded woman, Working Mother focuses on making all aspects of a busy mother's life more organized and improved.
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For those interested in tracing their ancestry and reading stories of others' genealogy, Family Tree provides insightful experiences of others who've explored their family roots.
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A fun way for kids from 0 to 12 to learn all about and understand the animals of the world. The interactive activities will help parents and teachers get kids excited about reading.
Subscribe to Your Teen
A parenting magazine aimed at helping parents understand the unique needs of their teenagers. Keep them safe from drugs and alcohol, understand the social stresses they go through, plus get the inside scoop on school, new technology plus get comfortable with their desire to learn to drive so they can borrow your car.
Subscribe to Military Spouse
If your spouse is a member of the military then you just inherited a much larger family than you may realize. Whether your spouse is serving at home or abroad Military Spouse Magazine will keep you in touch, with support and advice, with all the other military spouses across America.

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