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A kid's version of the well-known nature magazine, National Geographic Kids features the same high quality photos you expect from National Geo, but with stories and subjects meant for a younger audience.
National Geographic Little Kids provides high quality photos and videos meant for the youngest naturalists among us. The content in National Geo Little Kids is targeted for 3-6 year olds.
American Girl magazine is the prominent publication for girls aged 8-12. This ad-free, awards winning magazine is a must have for young girls needing a magazine that speaks to them.
Highlights inspires children ages 6 through 12, and parents, with wonderful stories, as well as advice from the pros. Teachers will also find inspiration and enjoyment for the classroom.
Highlights is a popular youth-oriented magazine, with unique games, stories, and tons of other content that appeals to kids and teens.
All aboard for fun and games with Thomas and friends. Kids will discover adventure while learning self confidence and making new friends.
If you have a Boy Scout in your life, this is the magazine for them. Boy's Life is the official magazine for the Boy Scouts of America, and covers the material that is appropriate for mature kids and young teens.
The kids' version of the world-renown sports magazine, Sports Illustrated Kids, features interviews with famous athletes, interesting stories, and games, all appropriate for kids and teens.
Winner of a Parent's Choice Award, Girl's Life Magazine focuses on the issues and topics important to girls over ten years of age. This includes fashion, games, and pop-culture, among other things.
For the Sunday school teacher in your life, Children's Ministry offers tutorials, guides, and more to help run a successful Sunday school.

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