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For all things related to Christianity, including its modern application of values, and profiles of leading thinkers, Christianity Today is the definitive source.
Not only is the National Catholic Register a definitive source for Catholic information, but it also provides news, politics, and current events coverage from a perspective of the devoted Catholic.
Focusing on Christianity, Charisma Magazine provides commentary on bible passages, stories from readers, and news that concerns Christians.
Offering insight into various issues that concern Catholics, Catholic Digest includes traditions, stories, and inspirational passages.
With a mantra of "Faith in Action", Sojourners covers a lot of the major issues that affect Christians, with one notable difference: A strong emphasis on taking action to fight social injustice.
Promoting the idea that the end time is now, Endtime Magazine interprets real current events through a biblical perspective.
For a magazine that combines fitness advice and trends with an emphasis on religion and spirituality, check out Spirituality & Health.
For the Sunday school teacher in your life, Children's Ministry offers tutorials, guides, and more to help run a successful Sunday school.
For the most respected Catholic magazine, look no further than U.S. Catholic, the prominent resource for info pertaining to modern Catholics.
Biblical Archaeology Review focuses on archaeology events and discoveries that may pertain to characters in the Christian Bible.

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